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Exploring nuclear structure by double charge exchange reactions in Japan

Kentaro Yako (Tokyo University, Japan)

Variety of spin and isospin responses is among the most interesting features in atomic nuclei. For the spin-isospin response, the Gamow-Teller (GT) transition is the simplest within one-phonon excitations, and it has been well studied. 

In contrast, data on multi-phonon excitations have been scarce. The double GT giant resonance (DGTGR) is the simplest two-phonon excitation mode in spin-isospin excitation, but DGTGRs have not been observed so far. The discovery of the DGTGR is an essential step in extending the research of the spin-isospin responses to multi-phonon space. 

Another important incentive for studying DGTGRs is its relevance in neutrino physics; the DGT transition is induced by the same transition operator as the double beta decay, i.e. στστ. In general the double beta decay carries a tiny fraction of DGT strength while the majority lies in highly excited states in the DGTGR. An experimental attempt to search for DGTGRs is heavy-ion double charge exchange (HIDCX) reactions, which can induce two-phonon excitations with spin and isospin transfer by two units. Also an exotic system of tetra-neutron was studied by HIDCX reaction. 

Experimental studies by HIDCX reactions at RCNP Osaka, and RIBF RIKEN will be introduced.

"CNNP 2017 - Conference on Neutrino and Nuclear Physics" (Catania, 15-21 October 2017)

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